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2019-10-18 19:20:54

The sidewalks of Hollywood will continue to be entered by the purest talents. On Thursday, August 29, 2019, Kirsten Dunst finally won the most heavenly honor on the planet cinema: the 37-year-old actress received her concrete star on the famous Walk of Fame in Los Angeles. Accompanied by her husband Jesse Plemons, the heroine of the saga Spiderman was very surrounded. To usher in this monumental pillar of her career, Sofia Coppola (who organized it) Virgo Suicide in 1999 Marie Antoinette in 2006 The bling ring in 2013 and the cheated in 2017) gave a moving speech that listened attentively to the parents of the actress, Ines and Klaus, his brother Christian and his 15-month-old son, Ennis Howard. The little boy, born in Santa Monica on May 3, 2018, first appeared in public.

While speaking, Kirsten Dunst stated that despite her star, she suffered from a lack of recognition from her colleagues. I have never been recognized by the industryshe reminded herself of the microphone. I have never been nominated for a reward. Maybe twice for a Golden Globe when I was little and one before Fargo. I have experienced many disappointments. The things people love … you remember the release of Marie Antoinette? Have you all gone down? And now you like this movie. American girl ? Criticized. Now you love him. I feel that the public likes what I do late. Let's hope she has stars in her eyes now, thanks to Hollywood Boulevard.

Kirsten Dunst and Jesse Plemons loved each other on the set of the second season of Fargo, broadcast in 2015. At the time, they played a couple … and they were both married in real life, each on its own. Based on this new romantic impulse, the actress Garrett left Hedlund while Jesse Plemons separated from Courtney Peterson. A turbulent but successful fairy tale. Aside from the brilliant actress you are, I had the great pleasure of discovering the person that you are outside of workhe told Kirsten Dunst in tears on Thursday, August 29. You really are the best woman I know. I am so lucky to have you in my life.

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